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Thank you for your consideration!

In the spirit of celebration, Skyphire Entertainment is proud to bring elements of film, sound, and creative arts together for this unique online competition.



Calling all Filmmakers, Actors, Designers, Editors, and MUCH MORE!

Bringing together several creative elements into one, this Festival is the most comprehensive ever attempted online, with dozens of categories for you to submit for.

Have a film, demo reel, sound reel, graphic designs, and more? THIS FESTIVAL IS FOR YOU! Plus, everyone who fully completes a submission form (see below) will be accepted!

Want to submit more than one entry? Feel free! See all of the many categories you can submit for right here.

Submissions are now closed.


  • Submitted films, stage plays, soundtracks, sound design, film posters, and artwork must have been completed on or after Jan 1st, 2015 (you will be asked to provide IMDb link or method of proof)

  • Actor monologues, cinematographer, photographer, or director reels, and Social Media submissions must have been completed on or after Jan 1st, 2018 (you will be asked to provide proof)

  • Submissions may include entries that have already premiered and are available for public viewing (online or otherwise)

  • All entries must be in English (films may be dubbed in English)



Submitting, Judging, and More

All entries have been granted an "Official Selection" designation. Congrats to all of you! You can click on any of the entry graphics on this page to see each individual submission.


A panel of judges are now judging all entries received. This process should conclude by the end of July. During the judging process, we will begin Facebook Ad marketing for those who selected the BOOSTED or FEATURED packages.

On or about July 30th, we will announce the Finalists for each category. Another round of judging will commence, including a Fan Vote (which will constitute a portion of our decision) on the Skyphire Entertainment Facebook page.

On or about August 15th, we will announce all winners. One final round of judging will begin for Grand Prize and Runner-Up consideration among all category winners.

How It Works


Home Page Ads

Ads on every entrant's page

and much more!

Starting at just $99!

Prizes Awards


Compete and Earn Great Awards


-- "Official Selection" title and Garland (to use as you see fit)


-- "Finalist" title and Garland

-- Certificate of Finalist status


-- "Award Winner" title and Garland

-- Certificate of Winner status


-- "Winner" title and Garland

-- 5x7 Winner Plaque (to be mailed no longer than 30 days after winners announcement)

-- Certificate of Winner status

GRAND PRIZE (1 winner)

-- Cash Prize (to be announced after submission deadline)

-- "Grand Prize" title and Garland

-- Acrylic trophy (mailed within 30 days of Grand Prize announcement)

-- Certificate of Grand Prize status

RUNNER-UP (among Category winners)

-- Cash Prize (to be announced after submission deadline)

-- "Runner-Up" title and Garland

-- Acrylic trophy (mailed within 30 days of Grand Prize announcement)

-- Certificate of Runner-Up status


Explaining The Criteria

FILM CATEGORIES and Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Suspense/Thriller subcategories

All applicable submissions from the United States are submitted into one of five genres. You will select the genre of your entry on your submission form, if applicable. Each genre in each category will have its own finalists and winner.

International submissions (short films, mini-features, and features) are not divided into genres.

Film categories include: Short Films (20 mins or less), Mini-Features (21-60 mins), Features (61 mins or more), Documentaries (120 mins or less), Episodic Series (1-2 eps; 60 mins or less per Ep), Sizzle Reels (3 to 5 mins), Trailers (1:30 to 3 mins), Teasers (1:30 or less), International Short Films (60 mins or less), International Features (61 or more).

Actor Monologues

Actors in each age category may submit a recorded monologue of at least two (2) minutes but no longer than five (5) minutes using any source material they so desire. At the beginning of your monologue, you must state where the material is derived from (which film, TV show, original work, etc.). On your submission form, there will be a link for your monologue - your recorded video can be hosted publicly or privately (please do not submit Facebook links).

Our judging criteria will be based on relatability, knowledge of the material, originality, expressed talent, and range. You can record a new monologue for entry or submit a link to an older one (remember, it must have been completed on or after January 1st, 2018).

Actor monologue categories are based on age: 10 and under, 11 to 17, 18 to 26, 27 to 40, 41 to 60, and 61+. You will be able to select the appropriate category on the submission form.

Director, Actor, and Performer Awards

We will select the best Director, Lead Performer, Supporting Performer, and the "Most Memorable" Featured Performer from among each of the short films, mini-features, and features submitted; one from each category.

Other Submission Categories

This Festival is designed to include creative works from a wide variety of sources and is not limited solely to the film world. See below for a description of the other categories you can submit for:

Recorded Stage Play (any length): Any stage play or theater performance, so long as it was recorded on video.

Director Reel: A highlight reel of a film director's work. Any reel between two (2) and five (5) minutes in length will be considered.

Cinematography Reel: A highlight reel of a film cinematographer or Director of Photography's work. Any reel between two (2) and five (5) minutes in length will be considered. You MUST include signed permission from the owner of the footage on your submission form to be considered.

Photography Reel: A highlight reel of a photographer's work from any genre or field. Any reel between two (2) and five (5) minutes in length will be considered.

Sound Design: A highlight reel of a film's Sound Editor or on-set film Sound Designer's work. Any reel between two (2) and five (5) minutes in length will be considered. You MUST include signed permission from the owner of the footage on your submission form to be considered.

Composed Soundtrack: Submission can be a highlight reel, a 'cut' of a film composer's work, OR a soundtrack from a completed film. The highlight reel or 'cut' of a composer's work must be between two (2) and five (5) minutes in length to be considered. A soundtrack from a completed film must be at least two (2) minutes but no more than ten (10) minutes in length to be considered.

Designed Film Poster: Poster can be from any genre or type of film, series, documentary, or international film. Size must be at least 1600x2500 pixels (roughly 11x17 at 150 resolution). You MUST include signed permission from the owner of the project on your submission form to be considered.

Emerging Artwork: A portfolio of at least three (3) original works of art but no more than ten (10). The portfolio must be digitized and submitted with your entry. Any art category is acceptable.

Engaging Social Media: Facebook or Instagram pages with at least 500 followers may submit. Engagement stats/insights must be included (screenshots) with your submission. Must show growth of your page, increasing or retaining engagement on your posts, and organic reach.

All entries, no matter what the category, are eligible for the Grand Prize and Runner-Up awards.

Categories Explained


By submitting an entry to this Festival, you are confirming your legal authority to do so. Successful entry constitutes your approval to the use of any materials submitted - including but not limited to, images, content, and the like - by the Festival for promotional purposes.

If you submit an incomplete paid entry, we will contact you if needed for required changes or additions. Failure to respond to our contact within seven (7) days will constitute a forfeit of your entry fee.

Refund requests are only permissible within 24 hours of your entry and will only be granted in special circumstances (to be determined by the host of the Festival).

Timeframes stated on this page are estimates and delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Please note that we will do our very best to adhere to all posted dates and timeframes; however, present conditions being what they are, we ask for your patience should any delays occur.

Festival is operated by Skyphire Entertainment. You can reach us by email at

The full Festival Terms and Conditions can be found here.



Submissions are now closed. Thank you!


© 2020 Skyphire Entertainment. All rights reserved.

All content displayed on this page, including the "FESTIVAL" concept as described above, is the intellectual property of Skyphire Entertainment (a sole proprietorship) or is used with permission and may not be copied, reused, or plagiarized without the express written consent of our company.

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