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 Lady Shaman journeys to learn from the Spirit Helpers in the Spirit Realm in this unique concept short film.


Meet The Person Leading The Film

Tresham Gregg is an eclectic multi-media artist that creates a unique assortment of clothing, carvings, masks, jewelry, and other astounding artwork and content. Via the Northwest Supernatural studio, he creates a wide arrangement of color-emblazoned items that engage your curiosity for Alaskan culture.

Tresham comes from a rather unique background - growing up in a small coastal idyllic town in southeast Alaska where he had the good fortune to be part of the formation of a Native Dance Group and Native Arts Revival program. He learned all about a fabulous alternative culture - including mythological storytelling, masked dance, artistic stylization, costuming, and cultural precepts.  Puppets were a peripheral part of their winter ceremonials, but masks and costuming were prevalent. Most of his artistic career has been involved with masked dance theater - at least until he became interested in puppetry.  

A variety of mystic art techniques allow for a web of interconnected styles that tantalize the eyes and charm the inner child. Tresham explores puppetry as an interactive interpersonal life coaching experience oriented towards creating more happiness, humor, insight, and imagination into our lives.


Tresham is, or has been, a world traveler to artistic third world destinations, global entrepreneur, Alaskan businessman, mystic artist, political strategist, show and special event producer, and creative thinker. He can give workshops on puppet and mask making, woodcarving, experimental painting, puppet improv jams, and puppet parties.


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