T  A  M  M  Y    M  A  T  T  O  X

ERTHEL (Short Film)

An autistic savant with a brilliant mind for medical mysteries wrestles with herself as a young boy desperately needs a live-saving operation.


Meet The People Leading The Film

Tammy Mattox, who wrote and stars in Erthel, is an actress who has appeared in various tv shows, films, and commercials. She has received training from various acting schools as well.

Dean Ferreira, who acts opposite Tammy in Erthel, is also a writer and director residing in Greenville, South Carolina.


Silas James Rowland, the director of Erthel, is also a writer, producer, and cinematographer residing in Greenville.


Chris Garris worked on the sound department for this short film. He has various skills on a film set.


Erthel is a story about a doctor who happens to be an autistic savant. She has left her job at the hospital, but a co-worker arrives at her home with an unusual problem. Disrupting her usual routine, he asks her if she could come back to the hospital and use her brilliant mind to help save a dying patient.


“Erthel is dear to my heart," says Mattox. "I have thought about writing this character for some time."


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