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T H E   H I T

S  T  E  P  H  E  N    B  E  L  L

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Blackmail and business. Gemini, a renowned hitman, is called upon by a man whose business partner has set out to ruin his life.


Meet The Team Leading The Project

The Hit tells the story of Brett, who is being blackmailed by his once good friend and current business partner, Dan. Brett sets out to eliminate the problem by calling on the expert methods of Gemini, a hitman. Brett realizes quickly his problems are about to become monumental.

Stephen C. Bell, who wrote and stars in The Hit, is an actor who has appeared in several independent feature-length and short films, as well as TV network shows. He continues to train at the Actor Center of Asheville and various other schools.

Ian Russell, British voice actor, nominated for male voice of the year for the last two years, also stars. Ian is also known as the voice of Vernon Locke in the video game Payday 2.

Silas James Rowland is the Director of Photography of The Hit. He is also an actor and writer, currently working for Actors Utility.

Chris Garris worked in the sound department of this short and has various skills on a film set.



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