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A tiny film webseries exploring deafness, love, and the lengths we go to find true happiness in a world of complex communication.


Meet The People Leading The Film

REAL is a 'tiny' film webseries produced by Michelle Mary Schaefer and Maria Forsythe. Released in March, the first two episodes have been hits online, leaving many wanting for more authentic comedic dramas that they can relate to.

REAL explores deafness and the lengths we all go to find love. The story follows Lauren (played by Schaefer) as she navigates relationships and connections in a world of complex communication.


REAL would have never happened without the passion of Schaefer, who poured her heart into the story as its writer. Helping to bring the story to life is a talented cinematographer and filmmaker Maria Forsythe as well as the beautiful Tatiana Roberts who plays Emma.

The production designer on REAL is Cassidy Spruiell and sound is being done by Rajinee Buquing and Brittany Marsh. All are very much looking forward to creating and producing more episodes - so stay tuned!



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