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A Irish Prostitute reports to her pimp who happens to be a cop.


Meet The People Leading The Film

Bait is a five-minute short film starring Michelle Lewis and Ken Stancil, Jr. Directed by Cynthia Cherry with cinematography by Jared Michael Leon, Bait offers a glimpse of the troubled life of a prostitute estranged from her daughter by a crooked cop looking for his next score.

Michelle Lewis has dreamed of being an actress since she was 5 years old. She has decided now is the time to make her dreams come true. She intends to continue working until she reaches her goal of an Academy Award.

Ken Stancil, Jr. has been acting for over seven years and has at least 14 credits to his name (source: IMDb). Stancil is currently portraying Pete Gentry on the TV series Thespian and has several projects in the works as well.

Cynthia Cherry is an emerging director with two short films to her credit (Bait, The Last Will and Testament of Byron Colby). She also wrote and produced both projects.

Jared Michael Leon is a multi-talented cinematographer and editor, having worked in those capacities on several short film projects in the past two years. Leon was also a producer on Bait



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