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A coming of age story revolving around a football player paired up in a class project with a loner girl that used to be his best friend.


Meet The Person Leading The Film

The creator of the coming of age film "It's Never Too Late" is Ricky Bell Jr. He is an actor that wrote the project, as well as directed it, produced it, starred in it as the lead character, and did the casting.


He is an actor that has been in the industry since mid-2012 and has been in short films, feature films, and multiple commercials throughout the years until he took the step to start creating his own content.


"It's Never Too Late" has been one of his favorite pieces that he created for telling a meaningful story that taught lessons and morals that people of all ages could relate to.

"It's Never Too Late" synopsis:

High school senior,  Zack Henderson is a football player who recently just won a state championship and seemingly has everything going for him. He is in with the popular crowd, has college offers, and dates cheerleaders.


But deep down inside, he still feels like he can't be himself. Very few people know about his artistic soul. Zack is paired up in a class project with a loner named Regina Carter who was once his best friend from childhood. After two in a half years of not speaking, they are finally forced to confront their issues and rebuild broken bonds.



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