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M I D N I G H T   C R O W   P R O D U C T I O N S

Six rebel figures fight to stay alive in an abandoned sector against a genetically enhanced superhuman race.


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It's a powerful intro into the lives of six rebels who have banded together to survive the impact of a totalitarian government, and the challenges they must face coming up against a genetically enhanced race of super soldiers and a new World Order.


One woman, a rebel Border named Jo Gordon, struggles to govern the peace in her sector. With their leader, Ian Montgomery, gone for weeks on a supply mission, suspicions arise about his disappearance, and Jo finds herself battling the rebels to maintain authority.


But Jo harbors a dark secret that puts her at odds with her crew. Not even her closest comrade, Isaac Fitzgerald, will stand for diplomacy. As relationships are tested, the ultimate fight or flight scenario will unfold as they must decide whether to leave the confines of their abandoned sector or come face to face with the enemy.

2025: Prelude to Infusco stars Ebony Wilson, Hunter Bolton, Jeff Kidd, Teagan Heesch, and Laura Coleman. The film is produced by Wilson, Elisabet Rutstrom, and Ron Hagel under the Midnight Crow Productions and TomCat Filmz banners.

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