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A glimpse into the grief of a mother and the way she connects with the one that she’s lost through his favorite dish.


Meet The People Leading The Film

Andrew Huggins is a full-time filmmaker and director based in the Charlotte, NC area. He graduated with a degree in filmmaking and video production in 2013 and has been making narrative films professionally ever since.


Andrew's work has screened at over 250 film festivals and his team has won almost 100 awards for their efforts. Andrew's passion lies with the belief that a filmmaker never stops learning and tries to grow as a storyteller with every project.

Andrew is employed with Creative Circle and HouseLens, and also works regularly with Ray Evernham Motorsports and Hendrick Motorsports.

Norina Cammarata has been working as an actress in the Charlotte region for the past few years. She connected with Andrew while he was filming a scene for her demo reel. He then cast her as the lead in Peach Cobbler.


Norina recently won a Best Actress award for her work in this project.



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