D i r e c t e d   b y   A l e j a n d r o   T r e v i ñ o

This powerful short film shows a glimpse into one person's daily struggle with masculinity through the scope of mental health.


Meet The Duo Leading The Film

"Tough it out." But what happens when you can’t? What happens when you are unable to live up to the standards of modern masculinity? What happens when you give up?


Invictus is an exploration of what it means to be a man while trying to live up to society’s expectations of masculinity - and the burden of darkness it ultimately leaves in one's heart.


Director: Ariano Trevino Angelone is an award-winning director of photography raised around the film industry. Growing up in New York and Los Angeles, Ariano knows what it takes to survive and thrive creatively in the film world. He has worked among industry professionals for years and continues to produce work regularly.

Actor: Rodney W. Williams, a North Carolina-based actor, is well versed in the Sandford Meisner Technique. Using his background in mental health and the judicial system, Rodney has developed a keen sense for reactivity on-screen that gives way to a range of emotions.


Rodney credits his work to his childhood growing up as a young black man in the south. Acting has given him a voice and vehicle he would not normally have, as well as the opportunity to work alongside professionals in the industry.


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