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Skyphire Entertainment

Independent Films & Series Production

Limited Notice: Writer Wanted

Skyphire Entertainment is looking for an experienced writer to join our team for our first major feature film.

This is a paid position. If selected, you must sign an NDA as well as a standard contract delineating your role in our production. Pay is comparable to most union scales - however, we are not in a position to offer precise WGA-specific rates.

We are offering two distinct pay periods: pre-production and production. You will work virtually for approximately 6-8 hours per day during pre-production while remaining in contact and working with our Lead Writer. You will be expected on-set during production for approximately 10-12 hours each day to assist as needed with writing duties. Depending on the day, you may be required to be present for less time, but will never be required for more time.

Pre-Production Rate: $400 per day for 90 working days over 4 actual months ($36,000 total)
On-Set Production Rate: $300 per day for 40 working days over 2 actual months ($12,000 total)

All travel, lodging (if needed), and food are covered by the production during filming. Petty cash will be available for small, unexpected expenditures. There will be no overtime or holiday pay for this position.


Please Note: Pre-production is tentatively scheduled to begin in June 2024. This is an estimate at this time - no actual work will commence before the start of pre-production. Discussions may occur after we've selected a writer from our search, but no one will be asked to perform work or complete any specific tasks before a payment schedule is set.

We are expecting our funding to clear all barriers and be available to us by late May 2024. Though as everyone who works in this business knows, anything can happen between now and then. We have a verbal agreement in place at this time; if for some reason our funding falls through, we will inform you as soon as possible. We will keep you updated throughout.

If all of the above takes place, we expect to be in production by October 2024 (location tentatively set for central NC).


We do not currently have distribution in place. We will be working hard on this throughout this process.

We are open to negotiation regarding potential residuals from profits made after costs incurred on this project. However, please note that we must consider the best course of action for all interests involved.


You must have experience as a writer. Experience means you have written for independent filmmakers, major studios, or even your own projects. Experience does not mean collegiate or other educational backgrounds only. Your scholastic status is irrelevant to this project's needs in this position.

Materials that must accompany your submission to this project are explained in the Submission section below. If you do not have these materials, please do not submit for this position. While all submissions will receive a response, as is our policy, we would greatly appreciate that only those who possess the required materials submit their entry.

Union Status

We have decided not to become a WGA Signatory production at this time. We are considering Signatory statuses with other unions and will make those decisions at the appropriate time.

This means it is likely we will be hiring both union and non-union people on both sides of the camera. We support equitable pay and treatment for everyone associated with our productions. We also support a fair schedule. Breaks will be had throughout the day, and no one on set will be required for longer than 12 hours on a given day.

We are aware that IATSE members may elect to strike if current negotiations fail to yield a resolution to their expiring contracts. This deadline is July 31st, 2024. If IATSE decides to strike at that time, we will keep everyone in consideration for or already positioned in roles with our production as updated and informed as possible about the status of our project.

Project Details

We cannot divulge exact project details at this time. Here is what we can provide prior to the signing of an NDA:

Genre: Horror/Thriller, Irreverent Comedy
Similar To: "Get Out", "Mother", "Shaun of the Dead"
Approximate Runtime: 90-100 minutes
Executive Producer: Thomas Gidlow
Attached Director: TBA
Attached Cast: TBA

Logline: Two women on a much-needed vacation randomly pick a sleepy town to explore, only to discover a banjo-playing cult leader compels and controls its citizens. Forced into captivity, the duo seeks unlikely allies on their quest to escape in this stinging, yet brutally honest allegory of the modern political climate.

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