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Michelle Lewis added to Camisado cast

The talented actress is the second cast member to join the debut event series from Skyphire Entertainment; Lewis will play the supporting character of "Kaplan".

Michelle Lewis, actress in "Camisado: The Event Series"
Actress Michelle Lewis added to the "Camisado" cast

Skyphire Entertainment has announced that Michelle Lewis has been added to the cast of their debut webseries "Camisado", slated to begin production later this year.

Lewis has appeared in nearly two dozen independent movies throughout the southeast US and has recently begun as a screenwriter on two short films. She will also be joining the Camisado production team as an associate producer and story advisor.

"Michelle is a highly dedicated individual," said Thomas Gidlow, founder and lead producer at Skyphire Entertainment. "From the beginning of the writing process up to now, she's been lockstep in support of many facets of what we're trying to accomplish with this project. She's been invaluable already and we look to continue that well into the future."

Lewis will play "Kaplan", a supporting role in the six-episode "Camisado" webseries. One of Jamar Aragon's 'fixers', Kaplan is a smart but largely hands-off type of person who more likes to direct and manage the goings on rather than actively take part in them.

This is the second casting announcement for the "Camisado" series. Skyphire Entertainment announced last Sunday that Martha Anger will join the cast in the role of "Jona". Casting for the webseries began on January 3rd.

Unique and engaging

The "Camisado" project attracted Lewis because of its singular premise. Among the many retreads that have become standard in Hollywood, there is an increasing desire to see unique stories from places that most haven't seen before.

"To me, this project is unlike anything I've read before," said Lewis. "I am fiercely proud to be a part of something so unique and engaging. This series is going to be viewed by many, and I am excited to be a part of an ensemble that will each knit a creative and unique aspect to the Camisado series."

"I know if I weren't involved and I was watching at home, I would certainly dream about being a part of this."

Set against the backdrop of intrigue and raw emotion, “Camisado” is a suspenseful drama about loss, the struggle to desire for revenge, and how one woman (Emily Kent) rises from the ashes of unspeakable tragedy to become an unlikely force to be reckoned with.

"Being unique is one of the driving forces behind what we're doing," said Gidlow. "People say all the time that there's no original ideas left. We disagree, especially when it comes to engaging content that we feel people will enjoy and want to see more of."

"If originality is dying, it's more likely to be dying because it's harder to accomplish."

"Take charge and kick butt"

Lewis says that one of the exciting parts about portraying "Kaplan" is that she's independent, not afraid to stand up to people, and can ascertain a situation and manage it to whatever outcome she desires.

"I've always wanted to play a role like Kaplan," said Lewis. "Tough, fierce, able to take charge, kick butt and take names. I can relate to her loyalty, her ability to take command when necessary, and I just find the entire character to be enticing."

The character, originally written for a quick demise before Lewis was considered for the role, will be expanded in the latter episodes of the six-ep series.

"We thought Michelle was perfect for this role and we wanted to see more of her as Kaplan," said Gidlow. "There is a clear way for Kaplan to make a larger impact in the overall story and because of Michelle's dedication and determination, we're expanding this character."

"This is something we love to do for actors. They deserve to have as much opportunity as possible, no matter what their role is."

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