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Martha Anger first to join Camisado cast

Multi-talented actress, director, editor, and journalist to play the supporting character of "Jona" in debut Skyphire Entertainment's debut event series.

Martha Anger, actress in "Camisado: The Event Series"
Actress Martha Anger joins the "Camisado" cast

Skyphire Entertainment has announced that Martha Anger will be joining the cast of their debut webseries "Camisado", which is slated to begin production later this year.

Anger, who has appeared in several independent films throughout the US, is also an accomplished writer, director, editor, and journalist. She currently works for Sign1News, the leading multimedia company that delivers news and information to the deaf community.

"We're thrilled to have Martha on board," said Thomas Gidlow, founder and lead producer at Skyphire Entertainment. "When we started this casting process, we knew we would receive a lot of great submissions. But Martha's really stood out. We were so taken with her demo reel and ability, we basically developed a character for her, specifically."

Anger will play "Jona", a supporting role in the six-episode "Camisado" webseries. Once left for dead after her parents were brutally killed, Jona resurrects her life with the help of Duncan Neeley, another of the series' supporting characters.

This is the first casting announcement for the "Camisado" series. Gidlow says there will be another announcement in the coming days, with more to follow in the weeks ahead. Casting for the webseries began earlier this month.

Talent over type-casting

Anger, who is deaf, has worked hard throughout her life to break barriers in the film and entertainment industries. Having completed her Performing Arts certification at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2008 and her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Columbia College in Hollywood in 2011, Anger has worked for three independent film companies, most recently with Horn Films as a producer, director, writer, and actor, in addition to her roles with Sign1News.

The "Camisado" project attracted her because of its inclusive casting statements and overall mission. The webseries is casting roles without regard for a person's ethnicity, while portraying the lead women characters (Emily and Avery Kent, who are married) without any characters referencing their relationship status - in other words, it's as normal as any other type of relationship.

"When I read their mission statement and their focus, it definitely fit me and what I believe in," said Anger. "They were being open to all and trying to break the ego-driven stereotypes that Hollywood has perpetuated for people of color and deaf talent."

"I fell in love with the project."

Set against the backdrop of intrigue and raw emotion, “Camisado” is a suspenseful drama about loss, the struggle to desire for revenge, and how one woman (Emily Kent) rises from the ashes of unspeakable tragedy to become an unlikely force to be reckoned with.

"Finding talent is what is important to us," said Gidlow. "There are so many people that major companies or even some independent ones wouldn't give a shot to. It's disheartening to us, so we wanted to make sure from the start of this casting process that every potential actor knew what we were about."

"We just want the best person for each role. That's all."

"I can relate to this character"

One of the most important aspects about "Camisado" is finding actors who can project relatability. The importance of an actor's portrayal reaching people in an audience is not lost on Anger.

"Jona experiences some horrible childhood trauma," says Anger. "I can relate to this character and be real, as her. Jona is a very good person. She's a fighter, silent and strong. But she can be dangerous too. In a sense Jona picked me."

The character has been a collaboration between Anger and the "Camisado" production team. After initially having the inspiration for the character from seeing Anger's submission details, Gidlow engaged the actor and his team to come up with a character that would stand out.

"There's so much potential here," said Gidlow. "We had a role that we hadn't cast for yet, and basically took that and morphed in into Jona for Martha to portray. We're beyond excited to continue collaborating with her to develop a character that people won't forget."

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