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On Fire

A brutal encounter with the ruthless CEO of a logistics company puts two women and their child in the crosshairs in this pre-pandemic filmed intended "webseries".

We have decided to air as much as we could edit from the original footage in a limited screening to showcase the awesome talent of all involved.  There are some parts that are not fully edited, parts that feature special effects that were not completed, and in a few areas, the sound is not 100% properly mixed (via post-production).

The following eight episodes are cut from the January through March 2020 filming. We shot Camisado like a film, jumping from episode to episode based on what we could do within our small budget. Our production was shut down due to the outbreak of COVID-19 with about 30% remaining to film - but we feel you will still get a strong sense of the overall story we were trying to tell.


While we weren't able to complete filming on this project, and the future remains bright for a future rendition of elements from this story (see our The Vigilant page for more info), we want to take this opportunity to showcase the amazing cast and crew that helped to create "Camisado".

As you watch the episodes below, please consider making a donation. 100% of the funds donated from this screening will be given to the Camisado cast and crew.

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