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*COMPENSATED* Non-Union position for six-episode Web/TV Series shooting in January-March, 2020

Skyphire Entertainment, a new and independent film production company, is excited to announce a FINAL OPEN CREW POSITION for its debut web/TV series titled “CAMISADO: The Event Series”.

The Story

Set against the backdrop of intrigue and raw emotion, “Camisado” is a suspenseful drama about loss, the struggle to desire for revenge, and how one woman rises from the ashes of unspeakable tragedy to become an unlikely force to be reckoned with. While heavy with timely action, high drama, and dynamic characters, “Camisado” is unique in how it presents the characters – particularly the main character and her wife (yes, we said her wife).

Strong Identities

Within the “Camisado” universe, characters are depicted as strong, independent, and confident in who they are. The main character is married to a retired military woman who has been recruited to work for a logistics company in her retirement from service. None of the characters in this series, in their interactions with these women, ever reference their relationship status – there’s no bigotry or malice based on sexual orientation, ethnicity, or gender of our characters.

Hopeful Future

This is done as an underlying message to extol the virtue of inclusion, and to paint a hopeful future for society as a whole. Too often in today’s cinema, single-sex relationships or people of various ethnicities are stereotyped, comedized, or otherwise misrepresented. To present strong characters who are recognized as such by others for who they are – instead of what they may be labeled as – has been a goal of ours since we began filmmaking in 2009.


Step 1:

Package the six-episodes as an on-demand Event Series hosted on a YouTube channel with over 350,000 subscribers.

With hard work and dedication to producing high-quality content, we aim to grow a loyal audience who may support or pay for future work created within the “Camisado” universe.

Step 2:

Engage with potential influencers in the film and entertainment industries to further spotlight the series.

We will engage in marketing to even more potential viewers and influencers through Facebook and Instagram advertising. As well, we will keep our viewers engaged throughout with special behind the scenes features, podcasts, interviews with cast and crew, and other content.

Step 3:

After analyzing the initial run, we will look at packaging “Camisado” for streaming services or traditional distributors.

With a solid base of viewership behind us, we feel we would have a leg-up on other productions in many areas, including the potential for streaming services and traditional distribution areas.



All crew positions have compensation available. Click the "More Info" button for specifics.


Everyone must sign a “Release Agreement” to participate in this project. These are binding agreements that guarantee the delivery of promised items and serve to protect us from potential misuse of project documents.


Shooting will take place in Raleigh, NC and in nearby areas. Some filming may take place outside the greater Raleigh area. We will provide updates as needed.

Union Status

This is a Non-Union production. Any union that you may be a part of must have provision for working on a non-union series.

Shooting Dates

"CAMISADO" will film over several 'shooting periods', currently scheduled for January through March in 2020.

Sustenance on Set

We will provide basic sustenance during production, including snack foods, sandwiches, and drinks (water, Powerade, energy, etc.).


Because our focus is on local hires for the remaining crew positions, we cannot offer lodging or housing at this time.


We are excited and looking forward to working with highly talented and highly driven people who have a purpose and know what they want from life.

We strongly reiterate the importance of reading everything given to you about this project.


We know it’s more than you’re used to – that’s the point! We want to be 100% transparent with you about every aspect of this project because it’s truly a total team effort (there are no "i's" on our set!). We want you engaged every step of the way through this process.


Download this Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Print it, sign and date both pages where indicated, scan it, and save it as a PDF document.


Attach the completed NDA to an email, and submit the following info:

First/Last Name

Current Location

IMDB page

Social or other Web Links

Resume and Photo

Failure to include ALL of the above may result in a lack of consideration.


Send all emails to

Questions? Email us for the best response.

We will respond to all emails received!

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Skyphire Entertainment is dedicated to creating original, inspiring, and thought-provoking entertainment across various platforms. All information on this website is provided in relation to our web/TV series (aka ‘Event Series’ or ‘series’) titled “CAMISADO” and is protected under the intellectual property laws of the United States.


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