We want to offer you the most possible exposure for your brand or business. We have multiple avenues to accomplish this at rates far less expensive than traditional film festivals.


We're doing things a little differently

As you saw on our Festival 'landing page', we're aiming to develop one of the most comprehensive online festival experiences possible. With dozens of categories for a wide range of creatives to submit for, we will be reaching folks that typical festivals do not.

As such, we have designed a unique advertising structure that works for whatever business you're in. This isn't just a typical sponsorship opportunity - this is a real opportunity for you to grow your business or brand.

We will be running extensive ads to our website over the coming weeks, bringing even more potential eyeballs to your company.

The size of your ad will vary based on viewer source (mobile device or computer). However, we will make sure your ad is highly visible without becoming cluttered - it will be featured within the content of the pages below and NOT simply listed in a bottom section of a page.


See the ad below for an example.


Highly affordable and effective

Our cost structure is built to fit all ad budgets. No matter what you want to advertise, there are options below to work for you.

Entrant Page ad (1 page): $99

Submission Page ad: $99

Home Page ad: $129

Thank You/Confirmation Page ad: $149

Entrant Page ads (5 pages): $249

Entrant Page ads (10 pages): $399

Interested? Click the button below and provide us with some basic info about your needs.


$50 for 30 minutes with SKYPHIRE PHOTOGRAPHY

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