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What is Camisado?


Episode 1: Omega

You have a dozen personnel here who could carry out this mission.

Why me?

Avery Kent is a soldier. Honorably discharged after a stellar military career, she joins Aragon Global Solutions - the world's leading logistics company - at the behest of its leader Jamar Aragon.

While AGS is a legit solutions business with offices around the globe, Aragon often contracts with the government for 'special logistics'. Avery takes on many of these assignments with aplomb - extracting information, interrogations, and the like.


But she has a limit, a moral code built over her years of dedicated service to her country. And when Aragon presses Avery to take on a particularly 'dirty' mission, he sets in motion a cascade of events that put her wife and child in the crosshairs.

The end is just the beginning.

Episode 2: Mirror


I want you to understand......what you did today was

highly unprofessional.

Duncan Neeley, one of Aragon's 'cleaners' and a long-term ally, finds himself in a situation eerily similar to one some years ago. Neeley is forced to choose between the life he's made for himself - and being able to move on from his past.

Meanwhile, Neeley's associate Quin Cortazar finds himself in hot water with Aragon after a meeting with Avery doesn't go according to plan. Tasked with keeping an eye on Neeley, Quin defaults to his true adversarial nature and confronts the 'old man' about some unresolved issues.


We also begin to see the effect that Avery's work-related decisions have had on her wife, Emily. Faced with an unfamiliar reality after getting introduced to Avery's associates, Emily tries to find a way forward - only to hit a massive roadblock.

They say 'hell hath no fury...'

Episode 3: Trigger


You either die a little, every day, until death consumes you.

Or, you can choose to live.

Jamar Aragon invites Senator Royce Ralston for talks about their latest mission. Their history, spanning decades in the past, sets the stage for a surprising revelation that puts the Senator's dark career in clear jeopardy.

Kaplan, a devoted AGS associate, begins to put the wheels of Aragon's plans in motion. After dealing with Quin, Neeley musters a game plan to address the changing situation, putting his association with Aragon on the line. Emily struggles to adapt, and finds herself at a crossroads.


With nowhere else to turn, Emily is faced with taking a leap of faith with a tortured soul who was partially responsible for a painfully deep loss. Aragon's true intentions are revealed to the Senator as the stakes dramatically increase for all involved.

Let's change the world together.

Episode 4: Fusion


It never changes anything......killing for vengeance.

It's a dead end.

After making a pact with an unlikely ally, Neeley sets out for a final confrontation with Quin. But a startling revelation clouds Neeley's course, and with time running short, he must face the past that haunts his very existence.

Emily herself is confronted with the haunting knowledge of Avery's actions. Despite Avery's undying love for her family, her moral center drove her desire to expose the seedy underbelly at AGS's core. Her powerful message sends Emily into a state of pure, uncontrollable rage.


As Neeley and Emily both chart new courses, the landscape quickly changes from despair to a call for action. Jamar Aragon continues to stoke the flames of vengeance, setting the table like pieces on a chessboard - always staying ahead of the curve.

There are no limits......

Episode 5: Buried


True patience is a known virtue, forged from the

blood of the blade.

Jamar Aragon sets an elaborate trap to enlist a new recruit. Jona, a warrior spirit whose life experiences have served to hold back her untapped potential, becomes mesmerized by Aragon's advances, quietly learning the true nature of life.

On an old property well off the beaten path, Vance, an old friend of Neeley's, gives Emily a small dose of closure as he warns of impending danger ahead. Aragon takes Jona on a trip down memory lane, revealing his sordid past with Senator Ralston to complete her transformation.


Vance's warning takes center stage as Neeley and his new 'team' learn more about the stark happenings at AGS. Emily's own personal transformation begins to take shape, while Neeley's inner rage adds more fuel to the fire after realizing Aragon's true intentions all along.

The only thing we have to fear......

Episode 6: Alpha


You know nothing of what it means to seek

true retribution.

A once-trusted associate takes Senator Ralston to a place he's never known - a state of true fear. Emily's persona takes a dramatic turn after an event halfway around the world stokes doubt into her plans.

Neeley resolves to bring AGS to its knees, but Aragon has other ideas. Kaplan sets the AGS founder's final act into motion, leading Neeley to meet his past head-on. Rose begins to doubt her place, while Emily readies for a battle with unlikely odds for success.


But even the end is just the beginning. As resolution seems certain, another remnant from the past makes their presence known, sending Emily into a future with no apparent escape. Mysterious figures emerge whose interests may lie more in their own unknown pursuits...

We plot while the enemy sleeps......

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